ProNotaryMobile4U takes the hassle out of getting documents notarized by coming to you.

Numerous documents and transactions legally require a notary - an impartial witness commissioned by the state to authenticate a signature/transaction to be true and voluntary. Janet Gentry Hatch, the founder of ProNotaryMobile4U, is able to save you time and alleviate the hassle by coming to you. 

Do you want to transfer your home to your adult child, but only in the event of your death? There's a deed for that. Would you prefer to own your home jointly with your adult child? This can be accomplished through a deed. A Quit Claim Deed allows a person to delete their name from a deed (be sure to check with an attorney if the home is mortgaged -- a Quit Claim Deed will not remove your name from the mortgage).  These forms MUST be notarized! 

Maybe you need a power of attorney to help your elderly mother with her checking account, or to help sell some property. Janet is able to go to the hospital room or the nursing home to notarize a power of attorney for your loved one in need. 

If you are in jail, and need a Notary -- who do you call? ProNotaryMobile4U!   Janet is able to go to the jail or prison and meet with you to have your signature notarized on a Release of Property form or power of attorney. 

Power of Attorney for Care of a Juvenile is another document you may need -- and it needs to be notarized. Need another trusted adult to take your child to the doctor when you are unable? Need to authorize the grandparents to be able to have your child treated for a medical condition while in the grandparents' care? 

An affidavit is a sworn statement made to provide facts. The person swearing the facts to be true needs to have their signature notarized. Lose your checkbook? An affidavit might be provided to a bank to document that the check cashed on your account was not written by you. 

Do you have a Will? There are online resources (some for free) that will help you draft a Will. Your signature on the Will needs to be notarized, and you'll need two impartial witnesses (not relatives and not receiving anything under the Will). 

The Kansas City Public Library has legal forms available online to those holding a library card. Access thousands of downloadable legal forms from both Missouri and Kansas, including state, federal, business, real estate and personal forms.  

Types of forms requiring notarization include (but not limited to):

Affidavits Affidavit of CitizenshipAffidavits of Support
LoansContracts Advanced Health Care Directive
Permission to Travel for Minors Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit for Minor Children Authorization to Receive Medical Records
Authorization to Receive Personal Property Warranty Deed Quick Claim Deed
Special Warranty Deed Transfer on Death DeedTrustee's Deed
Beneficiary DeedGeneral Power of AttorneyDurable Power of Attorney
Medical Power of AttorneyWill

Disclaimer: Janet is not an attorney, licensed to practice law in Missouri and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.

Fees: (as set by the State of Missouri)

$2/notarized signature

$25 convenience fee 

Mileage at 53.5¢/mile. (from Kingston, MO. 64650) 

Accepts cash, debit or credit cards, & PayPal


ProNotaryMobile4U services Caldwell County and the surrounding area, traveling within a 50 miles radius from Kingston (or thereabouts).